Bathroom with Micro-Guard finish.
Mosaic tile in entryway, showing before and after on pass with our tile and grout cleaning equipment.

About Frankly Clean

Frankly Clean was started by Francois Villeneuve a former professional hockey player from Canada. He moved to California to marry his wife Michelle. He was looking for his next adventure in life, when a friend from Canada told him about The Master's Touch. After checking out the business opportunity and realizing the potential in the marketplace he decided to open the tile and grout cleaning business in Stockton, CA.

He purchased his first portable machine in 2011 and went to Phoenix for the extensive training course on the tile and grout cleaning business. They cover everything from the proper use of the equipment, the solutions for cleaning, additional services that can be offered, bookkeeping, sales procedures, marketing plans and the basics of internet marketing.

Within the first year things were going good enough that Francois purchased his next machine, a complete truck mount package. With several contract looming on the horizon the company was expanding into several of the surrounding areas.

At the end of 2013 C. Ray Brower was looking to replace the salary he had lost and approached his former BNI group the Stockton Business Partners. Explaining he was a man of many talents and was willing to do anything for a buck. Francois was the first member to step forward and offer him an opportunity to help Frankly Clean with a project at the Lodi Academy. In a short time Francois realized that Frankly Clean could use someone with a sales and marketing background and a deeper understanding of internet marketing than he had. So a partnership was formed, C. Ray went to Phoenix and completed The Master's Touch training in October 2013 and the rest is history.