Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Here at Frankly Clean we have a very different approach to cleaning your tile and grout surfaces. First, we consult with you and advise you according to your needs. Second, all of the solutions we use are environmentally friendly, you can water your lawn or garden with the water we extract from your tile and grout surfaces. Third, we give you a complete computer generated estimate, before we start the job, with no hidden charges or surprises after we have completed the job. We operate on a flat square footage fee. Our aim is your complete satisfaction that leads you to undeniably refer your family and friends to our services.

We utilize the most advanced technology to clean and restore your tile, grout and natural stone floors back to their natural beauty!


We use four things to clean and restore your carpets. Solutions, pressure, heat and vacuum extractions. These are explained below.

Pre-Treatment: First we apply a deep cleaning solution to your tile and grout. After which we agitate that solution to activate the solution and start the process of loosening up and emulsifying the dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria from your tile and grout. We then let that dwell for 15 to 30 minutes.

Pressure: We then use a patented contained high pressure system with water with pressures up 3000 PSI to penetrate into even the toughest areas and flush the loosened and emulsified dirt, grime, oil and bacteria from your tile and grout or natural stone floors.

Heat: This high pressure water we use has been heated to 200+ degrees. This high heat and pressurized water are the final step to flushing the emulsified dirt, grime, oils and bacteria from your tile and grout or natural stone flooring.

Vacuum Extraction: The final step in our process removes the emulsified soil, grime, oils, bacteria and dirty water off of your tile, grout and into our truck storage tank to be hauled of your property and disposed of as required.

These four items in our process are what give you the cleanest tile and grout or natural stone flooring possible.

We Service Both Residential and Commercial Accounts

So if your tile and grout isn't as beautiful as the day installed it. We have the solutions for you. Call us today for a FREE no obligation demonstration.

Before and After Tile and Grout Cleaning
Color Sealed Kitchen Floor
Mosaic Tile Demonstration